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‘Muse: Group show by women presenting women’ delves into identity, trauma & strength

"When we disallow women’s observations of the world, there is something that is irrevocably lost and forgotten", the curator says.

Reported by: Natasha Patidar
'Sisters' - Oil on Canvas by Tara Anand, Method Art Gallery | Image:self

Have you ever thought what would ‘Mona Lisa’ look like if it were painted by a woman? Or Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ or Gustav Klimt’s ‘Lady with a fan’? It was perhaps with this question and more, Method put out an open call for submissions from across the country; for women’s voices waiting to own and share the narrative of their bodies. 

Women across India and outside responded, which resulted in a group show ‘Muse’ that aims to show women through the lens of women - on display at Method - Kala Ghoda and Bandra, Mumbai. 


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‘Throughout history, male artists have been largely free to represent their female muse in any way they deem fit. The woman as a muse for a man has been a comfortable and a palatable way to let women into these spaces without providing them any agency. The ownership of women’s bodies has historically been conferred upon men, as have their depictions in art. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to separate gender discrimination in art from that in society at large: they feed off of each other and are similarly persistent’ the curatorial note by Sohini Guha says.

“Art is a trace of the world it exists within. When we disallow women’s observations of the world, there is something that is irrevocably lost and forgotten,” Guha adds.

Lunartic Lily - Watercolour on Paper by Vridhhi Chaudhry

Vridhhi Chaudhry an interdisciplinary artist translates ‘personal trauma that honors the strength and resilience of survivors and victims’.

She Resists - Engraving on Plywood by Portia Roy

Portia Roy’s works that primarily feature engravings on plywood are infused with ‘angst and sadness that she feels about the stories from around the world of gender and socio-political oppression’. 

Other artists on display feature - Kalki Subramaniam, a transgender rights activist, writer and painter from Tamil Nadu, Shaheen Peer, a Photographer and Fashion Stylist based in Pondicherry, Aastha Manchanda, a visual artist, photographer based out of Goa, Tara Anand, an illustrator and visual artist based in New York, Zoya Khan, an architect, urban planner and artist based in Srinagar, and more.

‘Muse’ is on display at Method Gallery - in Kala Ghoda and Bandra till April 24. 


Published April 11th, 2022 at 13:28 IST

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